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FAQ about BioAktiva Sapropel Products

We have compiled a number of questions that are often asked by farmers and end users.
Should any of your questions not be answered below please contact us for more advice.

What is Sapropel?

Sapropel is unique combination of organic compoundshumic acidsfulvic acidspeptidesamino acidshormones and a wide range of substances that increase humus. Active substances activate the existing potential soil fertility, physiological metabolic processes in plants and soil microbiota.
Sapropel enriches the absorption complex of the soil, saturating it with deficient organic compounds. Increased soil fertility with the help of sapropel works for 2-3 years, accumulating and giving plants moisture, gradually giving their own and available-in-the-soil nutrients.

Sapropel-based products help speed up metabolic processes in plants and soil, thicken cell membranes & increase plant turgor. Humic and fulvic acids, which are part of sapropel, form a long-term stimulating food for soil and plant microbiota, provide them with more accessible labile organic substances, which quickly and generously enrich soil reserves with amino acids, hormones, proteins and other deficient organic compounds.

BioAktiva sapropel products are manufactured without harmful additives. Toxicology reports indicate no harmful effects on bees, birds, fish or mammals

BioAktiva fertilizer/bio-stimulant products contain only naturally occurring plant compounds extracted from sapropel. These have no adverse effects on human or animal physiology but are highly beneficial to plant development and health. BioAktiva fertilizer/bio-stimulant products contain several natural actives, that are highly beneficial to plants and soil.

BioAktiva liquid fertilizer/bio-stimulant products can be added in a tank mixed with most fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other agrochemicals. Care should be taken not to dilute BioAktiva liquid fertilizer/bio-stimulants should be added last for accurate mixing ratios. See the individual product usage instructions for the correct mixing ratios.

BioAktiva SaprogroMicroGro and NanoGro products should ideally be applied not earlier than 7 days after application of herbicides in order to reduce plant stress.

Yes BioAktiva SaproGro liquid fertilizer/bio-stimulant can be applied through hydroponic nutrient flow systems. For optimum effect, we recommend that BioAktiva SaproGro is diluted no more than 1:400 (1 part SaproGro to 400 parts of water/nutrient solution). BioAktiva SaproGro should be applied as a pulse and not more frequently than 10 to 14 days apart.

After opening, we recommend that BioAktiva liquid sapropel fertilizer/bio-stimulants be stored in a cool, dry area and be used within 3 months. Since BioAktiva sapropel products are made from a natural source, they are susceptible to microorganisms in the environment. Although these microorganisms may grow on/in BioAktiva liquid fertilizer/bio-stimulants after opening, the beneficial activity of the product remains intact for long periods of time. However, clogging of irrigation or spray equipment may occur if fungal growth does occur. Shake well before use.

BioAktiva plant biostimulant/soil activator products improve plant growth which subsequently improves fruit size and quality as a secondary effect. BioAktiva fertilizer/bio-stimulant products contains natural plant elements that leave no residue on crops and have no adverse effects on humans, even if ingested in its pure form.

BioAktiva biostimulant/soil activator products may be used as a replacement or additive to mineral fertilisers. BioAktiva fertilizer/bio-stimulant products contain compounds that, when applied to plants, benefit its natural processes, improving nutrient uptake and efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, and crop quality. BioAktiva fertilizer/bio-stimulant products contain sufficient amounts of nutrients and when diluted to the recommended application rates, it will contribute significant amounts of nutrients to the plant. Our recommendation is to use BioAktiva fertilizer/bio-stimulant products as an addition to your current fertiliser program - then start to reduce the use of mineral fertilisers by up to 80%, thereby reducing costs.

In short, yes it is. It is important to stay within the recommended application rates.

Yes it is recommended (but in a ready-made solution) to add a pH buffer when the spray mixture is above pH 7.0. Adding a wetter/sticker to the spray mix will increase the area that BioAktiva liquid fertilizer/bio-stimulant products have in contact with the leaf surface and promotes absorption. A sticker product is recommended for upright plants with waxy cuticles.